Ultimate Top 10 Yorkshire wedding venues for 2024

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my list of the Top 10 wedding venues in Yorkshire so I thought it was time! I have photographed over 150 weddings in Yorkshire and I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the very best wedding venues Yorkshire has to offer.

So here is my list for the ultimate top 10 wedding venues in Yorkshire.

10. Wharfedale Grange

If you’re looking for a luxurious wedding venue in Yorkshire, then look no further. Wharfedale Grange has it all and is probably the most high end wedding barn in the area! Located between Leeds and Harrogate, Wharfedale Grange is in the perfect location, close to two cities so convenient for guests to stay, but it also has a really nice to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. The design of every element of this barn is so well thought through. They really have thought of everything for your wedding day!

9. The Chimney House

I was so happy to finally get to shoot at The Chimney House and The Mowbray in Sheffield this Summer. Another great industrial style venue in the heart of Kelham Island. It’s partnered with The Mowbray so this lovely couple above had their ceremony at The Chimney House and then their reception just round the corner at The Mowbray. The whole vibe of Kelham Island is great, and has so so many great spots for photographs if city weddings are your thing!

8. Leeds Civic Hall

I photograph so many weddings at Leeds Civic Hall and it really is wonderful if you’re looking for the perfect backdrop to a micro wedding in Leeds. I definitely recommend booking your ceremony upstairs though, it’s so much prettier (see above). If you’re looking for an affordable wedding in the city, Leeds Civic Hall is perfect! You can have your ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall, your couple’s photographs walking through the city of Leeds, and then you have hundreds of amazing restaurants and venues to have your reception. Big wedding or small wedding, Leeds Civic Hall is great!

7. The Leftbank Leeds

A truly unique venue in Leeds is The Leftbank. It is great for big weddings, definitely over 100 people as the venue is vast! I have photographed several weddings at The Left Bank and they have all been so unique! The space is really versatile and another bonus is that you can use outside caterers so you can have the food of your choice! ( Sidenote - I would highly recommend El Kantina for catering your laidback weddings if you love Mexican food! )

6. The Priesthouse

Another favourite of mine is The Priesthouse! It’s so so beautiful and has everything you need all in one very beautiful room! It’s also set in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. It’s perfect for a Spring and Summer wedding but it also has such a cosy vibe, it would be perfect for Autumn and Winter weddings too! Whatever the season, the light in this stone barn is gorgeous. Click here to see a full wedding at The Priesthouse.

5. Thirsk Lodge Barn

A favourite venue of mine is Thirsk Lodge Barn which is a wonderful and versatile venue! The light in the venue is absolutely amazing even in Winter weddings. It is a really really beautiful barn venue, where absolutely everything has been so well thought through. The staff are super lovely too and the venue works really well as a great, but beautiful backdrop for your wedding. You can decorate with flowers and neons, but the venue is really beautiful just as it is.

4. White Syke Fields

One of my all time favourite venues in Yorkshire is White Syke Fields! I first worked at this venue when it was just a bare bones barn and to see it’s transformation has been amazing! It’s a great barn venue for all sorts of weddings. It can cater for really big weddings in the large barn, or you can just have The piggery for small sized weddings! Both barns are beautiful, and the grounds surrounding the venue are stunning in every season! Click here to see a full wedding at White Syke Fields.

3. Thicket Priory is truly a remarkable venue. It is located in the outskirts of York and as soon as you drive up the long driveway, you can see Thicket Priory in all it’s grandeur. 

When you hire Thicket Priory as your wedidng venue, you have complete exclusivity and you have the venue over three days. Thicket Priory also has accommodation included for some of your guests. It’s a beautiful, luxurious and unique wedding venue but it also feels like home! It is so beautiful and it has the grounds and surroundings to match! I never get bored of photographing weddings at Thicket Priory! Click here to see a full wedding at Thicket Priory.

2. Lodge Farm Weddings is a relatively new wedding venue in North Yorkshire and I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding there this September. It was so impressive! It is super compact in that everything is so close by, you don’t have to walk far from your bridal prep to the ceremony. The venue has separate rooms/barns for everything so there’s no turn around time needed for the day, which helps the running of the day. It is a beautiful barn, and with the addition of flowers, neon and anything else you want to decorate with, it comes to life in the most beautiful way! I’m so excited to be back here in 2024 and 2025 for weddings!

1. Middleton Lodge

Wow! Truly the most incredible wedding venue, and my recommended Top wedding venue in Yorkshire is Middleton Lodge.

The Fig House is an Italian style dream venue in North Yorkshire, with light coming in from all sides! The Fig House borders on to the Walled Garden, and let me tell you, it is the most beautiful walled garden I have ever seen!

I was lucky to be Nicole & David’s wedding photographer at Middleton Lodge this September and it was simply the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever photographed. I barely scratched the surface of Middleton Lodge though as there are so many amazing parts to it. You can choose from several different places within Middleton Lodge to have your wedding, The Fig House is just one. They also have a spa I’m going to check out as soon as I get a weekend off! 

If you’re looking for a really special wedding venue in Yorkshire, then Middleton Lodge is the place I would recommend. It really is the best wedding venue in Yorkshire, and maybe even the world!